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Walk about in a garden. Express your interests. Leave memories behind.
Don't search. Find!

Discussion forums are so difficult to navigate nowadays. Tons of posts. Tons of pages. From 3 feet away, ALL matter visually look the same. When you finish browsing such a site, you just cannot recall any person's post.

Give yourself your own space and time to leave useful thoughts into discussion boards

At StandingSpace, you move about your own garden with your own areas of interests. Each garden is a separate discussion site. Create your own garden if you want. You can invite your own audience there. Get the right crowd of people with same areas of interests as yours. Each garden created by our system is a social site. Truly. You actually see all the avatars who are currently logged in. Leave notes as you walk in a garden. Read others notes too. They leave visual marks. These marks are spatially arranged by you. Trigger memories. You soon form your own opinion on others in the garden. You are free to chat with anyone in the garden. The way you would do in the real world.

You think whatsapp is the way to chat? Come here, and you will not only chat.

You will create memories. You will create experiences


Sharpen memories

Traditionally, discussion boards arrange posts one below the other. We humans can remember only around 7 things in a stack. That too, only if the stack itself is not moving about. A better way to remember posts, is when they are arranged visually around in space. We then notice patterns. Each of us internalize visual patterns that allow us to get back to where we had last left off

In the natural course of discussions, you will see discussions going around in various different topics. You will see posts appearing --seemingly randomly -- due to activities of other users in the garden. This results in social curation. You would know which topic is hot. You don't need notifications that remind you of each and every little thing -- of which only some are important.

Because this imitates the real world movement of people and their work -- you would get notified quite serendipitously

No stalking

This is a highly graphical spatial system which visually imitates a garden with spaces inside. You would see all the avatars of all those who have logged in with you. Just the way you won't get stalked in a place where there are many people, here too nobody can stalk you.

If you do not like someone who is chatting with you, just move away. The chatting here is exactly like in real world: Spatially. Both of you have to be in the same room to chat.

So if someone irritates you, simply move to another space in the garden. Or nudge someone else, who will join both of you. You can even block those who harrass you. No pornography: We filter most porn links automagically

Visual search

People remember things visually. That is the reason why we don't need a google search inside a house. Posts created here get colors based on the first few characters of the post. Eventually you would get lot of multi-colored post-it notes.

There are many possibilities for searching. Usually you would recollect the visual location of these colored marks. If you remember some words in some post, that you want to get back to; then give that in the top search bar and when you click there it would animate those posts relevant to that search

Own huddle

Create your own garden and start inviting like minded people. Or join some other garden that discusses your interests. The garden would help you focus on your areas of concern and interests. Eventually, the people in there would be your own huddle. Leave memories in there for ever.

Discussions can be serious. Or fun. Or both. It can be used by companies. It can be used by college students. It can be used by familes. It can be used by social workers ... in short, any collection of like-minded people



Registering at someone else's garden is free. You want to grow your own audience? Create and use your own garden. No credit card needed for a 30 day trial

You can invite a max of 50 persons into your own garden. Your garden users don't have to pay. No contract. Leave anytime. Delete your account anytime
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Garden creators pay just $30/-USD (Or Rs 1900/-Indian Rupees) per month per garden after the free trial of 30 days. Each garden can handle 50 users. Garden users come in free

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